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CreateBlankOrder always returns -1


String EventType = reader2["EventType"].ToString();
                int Id = Convert.ToInt32(results[0]["Id"]);
                XmlRpcStruct conDat = new XmlRpcStruct();

                //Get Date from startdate
                string strdt = reader2["StartDate"].ToString();
                DateTime strdt1 = Convert.ToDateTime(strdt);

                //Get Time from starttime
                Int32 strtim = Convert.ToInt32(reader2["StartTime"]);
                TimeSpan t = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(strtim);
                DateTime strdt2 = strdt1 + t;

                // Order Sync
                double price = Convert.ToDouble(reader2["TotalCharge"]);
                __int order = isdnAPI.createBlankOrder(Id, EventType, strdt2, 0, 0);__

the last line returns always -1. Rest of the functions work perfectly fine using the same variables used over here. I am 100% sure there might be some problem in this function.

I am a PHP developer but this project is getting on my nerves. as i have to sync data from sql server to Infusionsoft.

Can you please help me out?