Project Description
This library provides a dll to ease the pain for .Net developers to access the InfusionSoft API. No longer will you need to "roll your own" code to access the API nor are you forced into use PHP (the library provided by InfusionSoft).
This library relies heavily on the work done InfusionSoft in their iSDK for PHP. We would also like to thank the fine folks at VisualSVN for their VisualSVN plug-in to Visual Studio that makes accessing CodePlex (and other Subversion systems) as simple as pie!
Latest update (v1.0.1.1) has been released to support Spring 2012 release of the InfusionSoft API.

Please use hash tag #InfusionSoftDotNet when talking about this project on Twitter.

More Information To Follow
Hopefully we'll have a release available in the week real soon now that includes all of the currently supported and tested API calls as well as new functionality.
Library Sponsors
This project is heavily sponsored by:
While not officially a sponsor, many thanks go out to InfusionSoft for providing such a robust API to interact with their system. InfusionSoft is a leading vendor of email marketing services to Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

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